Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome to The Frugal New Yorker!

This is a Personal Finance blog, addressing topics like investing, saving, budgeting, and so on. But it will also be packed with tips and ways to take advantage of New York City’s many frugal offerings. It’s a Time Out for the money-conscious and a “Get Rich Slowly” for the urban.

I post on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays (with the occasional Friday bonus).

The Frugal New Yorker was born out of my own love/hate relationship with personal finance blogs. Mostly I love them, but they tend to be written by people in very different circumstances from me. Eventually I got fed up with articles like “grow your own vegetables!” or “tips for car maintenance!” that simply don’t apply to most people in NYC. I also read a lot of blogs written by parents, so I have to put up with articles about childcare and related expenses.

My thoughts? Don’t care. DNW.

I am a single Millennial living in a big city. I have zero outdoor space, no car, no kids. So this blog is for people like me. Obviously not all of my advice will exclusively apply to young folk—and certainly not just to single ones—but that will be my bias. If any of this sounds like you, or if you think you might learn something, then read on!

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