Sunday, September 27, 2009

But where did she go?

Hey there, folks. Been a while, hasn't it? I took a hiatus of a few weeks (or a month), but my reasons are good. I've decided that the Internet really, really does not need yet another personal finance blog. There are too many as it is. Many of the entries I find myself writing feel like re-hashes of all the other blogs I've read.

I do believe that NYC-centric frugality tips would be new and useful. But I don't think that blog posts, continued into perpetuity, are the best way of sharing the information I have. Instead I'm considering writing an e-book. It'll be awhile before it's ready to be given away, a long while, but I like the idea of having a concrete, finished work at the end of 6 months, rather than a blog that nobody visits unless I chase them down.

So for now, The Frugal New Yorker is going into hibernation. Good luck, my friends, in your efforts to get by and have fun for less in the big city. I promise it can be done!