Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weekly Roundup!

I thought you all would appreciate links to the best stuff I've read over the past week. This should be particularly helpful for New Yorkers--I'll screen out anything that doesn't really apply to us.

So here's the first week's edition-- links to 7 great personal finance articles from around the web!

2 Questions to Help You Gain Perspective: This post from Zen Habits, a fantastic blog, is not exactly about personal finance—but it does relate. This guest blogger asks 2 questions to help you see if you’re living your life in a way you can be proud of. I won’t say that this post changed my life, but it comes pretty darn close.

Fee-Free National Parks: Queercents has the heads-up on this weekend’s free National Park admissions—including 7 parks in NYS alone.

What I Wish I’d Done About Money: Another blogger over at Queercents look backs to different points in his life and reflects on the lessons he wishes he’d learned.

Collecting on Delinquent Accounts: For anyone who works as a freelancer or consultant, or runs their own small business and must bill clients, this Wise Bread article has some fantastic advice on dealing with those who are slow to pay!

Budgeting is not complicated: Provident Planning breaks down the basics of budgeting really simply here, showing that it’s not that hard to do!

Twelve Crazy Myths of Personal Finance: From Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck, an interesting run-down of lies we tell ourselves that keep us from cleaning up our finances. I’m guilty of some of these myself…

Was Early Retirement A Good (or Bad) Idea?: My Wealth Builder analyzes the effect of early retirement on his life and ends up with what I find to be a poignant tribute to financial independence.

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